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Creating a PhoneGap project from the command line (for Xcode 4)

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UPDATE: PhoneGap includes the Xcode 4 template now, download it from

Currently the PhoneGap installer for iOS does not create an Xcode 4 template. The issue is tracked here.

I’ve created a shell script to create a PhoneGap project from the command line. You will still need PhoneGapLib installed – download the installer from and run it first.

Instructions are in the shell script itself (open it up in a text editor). View the script, then File -> Save As… to save it. [For Cordova – replace occurrences of ‘PhoneGap’ in the value for the path with ‘Cordova’:]

Cameron Perry has a good post about using PhoneGap with Xcode 4 that might solve some problems users might have.

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March 16, 2011 at 1:06 am

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