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Create new PhoneGap/Cordova projects using cordova-create-gui

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cordova_bot_osxThis is for OS X only, and does not check for project requirements yet (which may be coming with the bin/check_reqs scripts in 2.7.0). Essentially this proof of concept project is a GUI wrapper for the bin/create scripts you know and love. You could use this against the the iOS, OS X, Android and BlackBerry source (although I have only tested it for iOS and OS X projects). Think of this as Handbrake for ffmpeg.

The project routes the stderr and stdout from the script call back to your callback function, and also reports the resultcode for you to further process.

Ideally this would be a GUI for cordova-cli instead, that may come in the future. This app was also created using itself, and Cordova OS X.

Download the complete runnable project.

View and fork the source on Github.

The GUI itself won’t win any awards yet, but is workable (click to enlarge):


Written by shazron

April 16, 2013 at 12:53 am

Posted in cordova, phonegap

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