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What’s new in Cordova iOS 2.9.0

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Just a regular bug fix update, nothing much really. We’re pushing this release quickly so we can get going on 3.0.0 for PhoneGap Day US, details in this blog post. Lots of cool changes in the pipeline!

Highlights of this release:

  • new InAppBrowser option (start hidden)
  • removed
  • a bunch of bug fixes
  • a fix so a Cordova project can deploy to device on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

* [CB-3469] Add a version macro for 2.8.0.
* [CB-3469] Adding missing license found by RAT
* [CB-2200] Remove (deprecated)
* [CB-3031] Fix for emulate script when project name has a space
* [CB-3420] add hidden option to InAppBrowser
* [CB-2840] Nil checks to avoid crash when network disconnected
* [CB-3514] Remove partially-downloaded files when FileTransfer fails
* [CB-2406] Add ArrayBuffer support to FileWriter.write
* [CB-3757] camera.getPicture from photolib fails on iOS
* [CB-3524] cordova/emulate and cordova/run silently fails when ios-sim is not installed
* [CB-3526] typo in cordova/lib/install-emulator – does not check for ios-sim
* [CB-3490] Update CordovaLib iOS Deployment Target in Project Setting to 5.0
* [CB-3528] Update Plugin Upgrade Guide for iOS
* [CB-3530] PhoneGap app crashes on iOS with error “CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1”
* [CB-3768] Build to phone failing on Xcode 5 DP1 (OS X Mavericks)
* [CB-3833] Deprecation plugin tag upgrade step has malformed xml
* [CB-3743] Remove compatibility headers folder
* [CB-3619] ./cordova/run script does not always call ./cordova/build first
* [CB-3463] bin/create should copy cordova.js into the project’s CordovaLib
* [CB-3530] PhoneGap app crashes on iOS with error “CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1” (for navigation to an anchor on the same page)
* [CB-3507] Wrong Linker Flag for project template
* [CB-3458] remove all_load dependency. Use force load instead
* Removing “build” from gitignore as one of our cli scripts is named build 🙂
* Added/renamed CDVExifTests to test project.


Written by shazron

June 27, 2013 at 9:47 pm

Posted in cordova, phonegap

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