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ios-deploy and ios-sim roadmaps

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ios-simulator-iconios-sim and ios-deploy are two tools that are used by Apache Cordova and a lot of other projects. ios-sim is used to control the iOS Simulator (and other functions) and ios-deploy is used to deploy signed apps (and other functions) to your connected iOS device.

The next major version of ios-sim will be 4.x, and it will be pure node.js, and it will use the simctl module which wraps Xcode’s simctl utility. See the roadmap here.

The next major version of ios-deploy will be 2.x, and it will modularize the utility as well as provide a target to generate ios-deploy as a library. This library can then be bridged using node-ffi, so other node.js scripts can use it. See the roadmap here.

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May 18, 2015 at 10:06 pm

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