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Apache Cordova iOS 4.0.0, and WKWebView support

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Webkit_LogoSo we missed the proposed deadline, by a lot.

Release is scheduled to be in the later part of September 2015 now that we’ve got a few devs focused on this. Features have been trimmed, and some have been pushed off to cordova-ios 5.x

We need the community to test.

The test focus should be on plugin stability with the new platform, since it does have API changes. If downstream distribution people are on this list, this concerns your third-party plugins too.

The easiest way to test if it affects your plugin building:

cordova platform add 
cordova plugin add your-plugin-id
cordova build

Plugin updates and highlights:

I also want to highlight this scenario which a lot of people will encounter: CB-9592

WKWebView support

The cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine plugin will be iOS 9 only and it will be a core plugin. The development of this updated plugin is still in progress. Apple has fixed the bug where we couldn’t load documents from file:// urls, and it is iOS 9 only. On non-iOS 9 devices, cordova-ios will fallback to using the UIWebView.

The old version of this plugin used a local webserver to load your main document. This older plugin can be used where you want to use WKWebView in both iOS 8 and iOS 9 deployments, but the plugin will remain as a cordova-labs experiment. This plugin has some re-factoring work to be done.


Please post them in our JIRA Issue Tracker, or send pull requests.

Thanks for contributing!

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September 9, 2015 at 6:23 am

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